Calendar 2018-2019

Date Day Event
02/04/2018 Monday Teachers to join after Spring break
04/04/2018 Wednesday Book Distribution
05/04/2018 Thursday Book Distribution
07/04/2018 Saturday World Health Day
08/04/2018 Sunday New Academic year begins
13/04/2018 Friday Al Israa Al Miraj
14/04/2018 Saturday Ambedkar Jayanti
18/04/2018 Wednesday World Heritage Day
22/04/2018 Sunday Earth Day / Say No to Plastic Campaign
23/04/2018 Monday English Language Day
01/05/2018 Tuesday May Day ( International Labour Day)
02/05/2018 Wednesday Investiture Ceremony
03/05/2018 Thursday International Energy Day
11/05/2018 Friday National Technology Day
15/05/2018 Tuesday International Day of Family
16/05/2018 Wednesday International Day of Light
24/05/2018 Thursday Common Wealth Day
31/05/2018 Thursday World No Tobacco Day
01/06/2018 Friday Global Day of Parents
05/06/2018 Tuesday World Environment Day
10/06/2018 Sunday Periodic Test1 (VI – XII) / I Term Exam (I – V) begins
14/06/2018 Thursday World Blood Donor Day
17/06/2018 Sunday Eid Al Fitr
22/06/2018 Friday International Yoga Day
28/06/2018 Thursday Open House
29/06/2018 Friday Indian Statistics Day
01/07/2018 Sunday Summer vacation begins for students
11/07/2018 Wednesday World Population Day
30/07/2018 Monday International Day of Friendship
08/08/2018 Wednesday World Senior Citizens Day
12/08/2018 Sunday International Youth Day
15/08/2018 Wednesday Indian Independence Day
19/08/2018 Sunday World Humanitarian Day
20/08/2018 Monday Arafat Day
21/08/2018 Tuesday Eid Ul Adha
02/09/2018 Sunday Classes begin after Summer break
05/09/2018 Wednesday Teachers Day / International Day of Charity
08/09/2018 Saturday World Literacy Day (UNESCO)
11/09/2018 Tuesday Hijri New Year Day
21/09/2018 Friday International Day of Peace
26/09/2018 Wednesday Half Yearly Exam begins (VI – XII)
02/10/2018 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti / International Day of Non Violence / Cleanup Campaign
05/10/2018 Friday World Teachers Day
10/10/2018 Wednesday World Mental Health Day
16/10/2018 Tuesday World Food Day
18/10/2018 Thursday Open House (VI – XII)
20/10/2018 Saturday National Solidarity Day
24/10/2018 Wednesday UN Day
31/10/2018 Wednesday National Integration Day
03/11/2018 Saturday UAE Flag Day
11/11/2018 Sunday National Education Day
14/11/2018 Wednesday Children’s Day
15/11/2018 Thursday Second Term Exam (I -V) begins/ Periodic Test (VI-XII)
16/11/2018 Friday International Day for Tolerance
19/11/2018 Monday Milad-ul-Nabi
30/11/2018 Friday Martyrs Day
01/12/2018 Saturday World AIDS Day
02/12/2018 Sunday UAE National Day
03/12/2018 Monday World Day of Handicapped
06/12/2018 Thursday Open House (I-V)
10/12/2018 Monday Human Rights Day / Hope Club Workshop/ IAS Presidential Trophy Soccer Tournament
12/12/2018 Wednesday Annual Sports Day
14/12/2018 Friday National Energy Conservation Day
16/12/2018 Sunday Winter Vacation commences
18/12/2018 Tuesday Arabic Language Day
22/12/2018 Saturday National Mathematics Day
25/12/2018 Tuesday Christmas
01/01/2019 Tuesday New Year
06/01/2019 Sunday Reopens after Winter break
13/01/2019 Sunday National Youth Day
14/01/2019 Monday Model Exam (X & XII) begins
16/01/2019 Wednesday Grade XI Final Practical Exam begins
24/01/2019 Thursday Model Practical Exam (XII) begins / Periodic Test 3 (VI – VIII) / Model Exam (IX & XI) begins
26/01/2019 Saturday Indian Republic Day
29/01/2019 Tuesday National Newspaper Day
04/02/2019 Monday World Cancer Day
14/02/2019 Thursday Class Party
21/02/2019 Thursday Annual Exam Commences (I to IX and XI)
22/02/2019 Friday Thinking Day (Scouts and Guides)
28/02/2019 Thursday National Science Day
08/03/2019 Friday International Womens Day
22/03/2019 Friday World Day of Water