The school offers all the facilities to create the right environment and ambience for growing minds. It occupies a land of 3 acres with separate blocks for boys and girls.Spacious classrooms, labs,library and a large playground are all noticeable features of the school.

School Library

It forms an excellent supporting system for academic and co curricular activities, with thousands of books in various fields. From the Encyclopedia Britannica to science journals, from the biographies of great men to the entire collection of National Geographic Magazine, and from illustrated classics to Nancy Drew, any information from any field and any period of time is on hand. The books are suggested in a manner to cultivate the reading habits of the children. The students are encouraged to make use of the reference library for the preparation of their assignments and project works.



Computer Labs

Comp Lab

The computer studies are offered to the students from their 3rd standard onwards. The computer labs are divided into three in order to facilitate the usage of computer by each and every student. Each lab is well equipped with the upgraded versions of all the software and the latest configuration of systems. Apart from their curriculum the students are given training in the most commonly used software packages.


Other Labs

The Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Engineering Drawing and Home Science Labs for the senior students are well equipped with all the needed equipments for their curriculum practical.

Chemistry Girls

Play Ground

In order to create the right environment, the school offers large shaded play area. The extra curricular activities are planned and organized in this large playground. There are facilities to play football, volleyball, basketball and other games as well.

Playground Girls


Prayer Hall


The spacious prayer hall in the school campus provides a serene atmosphere and is specially built for the Muslim children to do their ‘Namaz’. The recess time of the school is in accordance with their prayer time



The clinic room is reasonably equipped with essential medicines. A registered nurse is present in the clinic through out the school hours to look after the medicinal needs of students.



School Counselor

The Student Counsellor maintains a critical role in providing access to early and ongoing interventions for at-risk students. The Student Counsellor collaborates with students, staff, parents, teachers and community to ensure that students receive interventions and resources to support their needs. The Student Counsellor's major roles are - Identification and intervention for SEND students and Gifted and Talented, Provide Psycho-education for parents and teachers, and also to involve in PDP sessions for the students.


Scouts & Guides

  • We train boys and girls physically strong, mentally awake and morally upright through Scouts & Guides membership.
  • Scouts & Guides training is based on character development, health, development of skill and service, leadership and self-reliance.
  • In short it helps the boys and girls to become good citizens. Activities will include weekly meetings, camp, hiking and visits. Training will include areas of First-Aid, Signalling, Cooking and related areas.